Friday, February 10, 2012

Message for Friday

On those days, and we all have them. Where you don't feel strong enough, or smart enough...When you have done something that you regret and just don't like yourself.. You look in the mirror and all you can see is that your hair isn't right, and you don't look like a fashion model or Antonio Banderas..Those days when you just don't feel "good enough"...
Close your eyes and think of the one who loves you best of all... Take a moment and see yourself through their eyes... They see you for all of your wonderful qualities and your worse flaws and love you anyways.. Remember the look, and the feeling. Then take a deep breath.. smile and carry it with you through out your day.
It may not be a significant other.. Maybe it's a friend, or a child or even a parent...Who ever it is.. hold it with you and know that you are strong, smart and beautiful... You are more than good enough. You are AWESOME!!!

Now go out and let your Awesome shine.

Peace Kiddies