Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday Ponderings :-)

Greetings, Salutations and Happy Freakin' Friday.

Everyday, for the most part, I wake up at the crack of noon, and spend a few mins, pondering life, the universe, and of course chocolate chip cookies. To the observer, that may seem to be a profound time of self discovery at the beginning  of my days.... In reality, it's just procrastinating, the inevitable... "Getting up and starting my day. 

Today, I remembered someone I dated briefly a few years ago... Not everything, but this one thing she said.. She told me it was her dream in a relationship to be "Chosen"....I found out a couple of weeks later, that what she really meant was she wanted to be "Chosen"... By someone else LOL..

That concept of being chosen stuck with me though...

I was thinking today of the many people on my life..  I have an amazing family, that I did not choose..
I have some friends whom I have chosen and a select few that have chosen me. Just like everyone else in the world, I imagine..
My thought this morning though.... Was; Do the people in my life, feel chosen, or do they feel like they are the defaults in my world.

The former, is an incredible gift we can bestow on anyone around us.... The default, not so much...

My Challenge today, for myself... and I extend it to you, is to make the people in my world know that they are not just a default, but an important and yes, chosen part of my Universe.
I may not have chosen my Mother for example... But I can show her, that even given the choice of the millions of mothers out there, I would have chosen her(And truly, I would have). I can do that with all of my family.. 
Friends, some have just shown up in my life, others friendship grew over time... But like my family, they make my world a much better and happier place.. 

So join me today... In showing our loved ones, whether they are spouses, BF/GF's... children, pals, or any one who plays a role in the daily joys of living....

Let's let them know...... That like Pikachew.... We choose them :-)

Peace Kiddies and Happy Friday  :-) 

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