Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Some Average Thoughts on Depression

With the passing of Robin Williams yesterday from apparent suicide, people are collectively grieving the loss of such a talented individual who has made most of us laugh and cry either from his comedy or his poignant dramatic acting. Social network sights have exploded with condolences, memories and some beautiful tributes. I'm not going to do that as others have done it far more eloquently that I could. 
Instead I'm writing about what can be learned from this.

Mental illness is as real as it gets, and I address this to anyone who deals with depression or anyone who knows someone who does.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of taboo around any form of mental illness, particularly depression. People use the term; "I'm depressed" for everything from they are ready to end their own life, to... Their favourite team lost the Superbowl. The fact of the matter is, that depression is not a case of the blues, or just having a bad day, it's diagnosed and a genuine condition that can't be cured by some good news or a plate of cookies.

If you suffer from depression, there are things you need to be aware of:

1- We all have that voice in our head that stops us from doing or saying stupid stuff....If we're about to jump out of a plane that voice will tell us that it might be a good idea to put on the parachute first.
However, when we are depressed, that voice is not our friend.. In fact it is a huge LIAR!!!!  It will tell us things like.. "We won't be missed", or "Everyone will be better off"... It will try and convince you that there is no hope.. That this is all that will ever be. It will tell us these and many other things, none of which are helpful in the least.....So as hard as it may seem, we need to ignore that voice.

2- Sometimes it's ok to hide, but eventually we need to come out for air. When you do,... TALK TO PEOPLE!!! Tell them where you're at.  I'll be honest, some will think you're looking for attention, others may even avoid you and most will be uncomfortable... Guess What? It doesn't matter. You're not telling them for them, you're telling them because you need to NOT keep this a secret.
Choose the people in your life that see you at your best, even when you're not.. This isn't the time to try to bond with people who treat you like crap all the time.
People get uncomfortable, not because they don't care, but because they don't know how to help.

3-WRITE.... Start some journals... Now the natural inclination is to write all the stuff you see as wrong with your life. That isn't really going to help. Part of depression is the need to fixate on the negative... Consider, if it helps, that depression is like a life form, and it will try and make you do all those things that will feed it. So when you write... Don't feed it, write about the positives in your life. Have a gratitude journal and every night before you go to bed, write 5 things about your day that you are grateful for.. Dig deep if you have to... You could say negatively that everyone ignored you while you hid in your room for example.. Or you could be grateful that they let you rest.... FIND THE POSITIVE.. And yes, it may be tough... But then again, so are YOU!{Even if you don't feel that way this very second}

4-If you get to that point, where you can not see a reason to go on.... and you're making a plan to stop that process... RUN, don't walk, to the hospital and get professional help.

Sometimes when I hear people say that no one would miss them(Which is utter BS that the voice inside is feeding them).. I tell them a story of a Man I met when I worked at a homeless shelter... Just because a person is homeless, it doesn't make them any less valuable than any one else.... But sadly in many ways it does make them invisible. The man in my story is one of these invisible people. He would come in at night when I worked the night shift. I'd give him a drink and a sandwich and we'd talk. Actually he did most of the talking and I sat there glued to every word. He spoke with the flair of a Shakespearean Actor and was very well educated. I don't know what events in his life led him to where he was, he never spoke of it, but I enjoyed our visits.
One winters night, I came into work and learned that they had found him in the snow behind an old building that morning. He died alone, outside in the cold and the world just went on... I remember reading the paper the next day, and there was no report on his death, I watched the news and the same.. Nothing... But when the afternoon staff left and there was just us night crew there, I excused myself, found a dark quiet room, and cried like I'd lost a family member. There were 3 of us working that night and as the night wore on someone else would slip away and come back after with the same tell tale runny nose and red eyes.. We all commented on how bad allergies were this year(to explain the red eyes)....  
He was invisable to the world, but his loss did not go unnoticed, and we were not better off. 
Look around you, see the people in your life and do not listen to the voice that says they don't or won't care.... Because they do and they need you to be there.

I know what I know, because I have walked that road, I have been there and I can honestly say that if it wasn't for the people in my life then that cared about me, i would not be writing this today. 
I believed all that the voice told me and I hated myself. I believed my children would be better off.... I believed there was no hope... I believed that I was a failure and had no right to be here. And yet, here I am.. Sure I have bad days like every one else, but I like myself... No, I Love myself. More than that, I have joy in my life....  
So Please, don't listen to the "voice".... But just for now, listen to me... Yes, I have been there and I can promise you that it does get better, that there is hope and light at the end of the tunnel.

And finally.... The Suicide Prevention Hotline for London Ontario is (519)933-2023 or Toll Free at 1-866-933-2023

Sometimes the gift that is more valuable to our loved ones, but they may never understand enough to even appreciate, More valuable then all the Christmas or Birthday presents we have ever given ... Is to just go on, one more day. They are worth it, and so are you.

Peace Kiddies 


Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

It's true, no one is perfect... Which becomes obvious when you're looking for the remote and "No One" was the last one with it :-P  
Really though, as much as we may try, there's always room for improvement. 

Heck, I try to live a life based on kindness and being good to people, but I have grumpy days when I don't feel up to dealing with Joe Public. I like being nice, but once in a while I'm wearing my grumpy pants and being nice is the last thing on my mind.
I believe all sorts of good and wonderful things, but sometimes{*Cough, Usually}  I may not live up to all those ideals.
Occasionally I can beat my self up a bit with questions like, "Why aren't I better?" or "Why am I not doing more?" Especially if I compare myself to friends and acquaintances who are literally changing the world around them. 

The idea of only comparing ourselves to the person we were yesterday is a good one, except for those difficult days when we most likely feel like the person we were yesterday was actually better than the one we are today.
Those are the days when kindness is most important. I don't mean "helping seniors cross the street" kindness either(but if you have the chance, go for it :-) I mean kindness to ourselves. Because there is one thing that we know, that few others do, and that is what is in our hearts. 

Everyone has bad days... Everyone flunks an exam, everyone gets crabby and, everyone yells at their kids now and then. What is it then that sets us apart from others who regularly give into their anger, or thrive in being cruel and unkind? What separates us from them, is what is in our hearts... The very fact that someone is trying to show kindness in their everyday lives.... Or that someone has the desire to be patient with their children. Even the desire to be a good friend, puts them miles in front of another who doesn't care.
The challenge then on the "Bad" days, is to look deep inside and see who we really are, and just as importantly, who we really want to be... And then, Cut ourselves some slack!!!!!

It's amazing what we will accept in someone we care about, we give them the benefit of a doubt. We say things like.."They are just having a bad day". We acknowledge that they might be stressed because of other circumstances and then we forgive them.
While that is a wonderful trait, it's just as important to show ourselves the same compassion... And, surround ourselves with people who will do it for us, when we can't.

Life is a journey, not a race.....There's no prize for finishing, we collect our prizes along the way.  I think the gift that too few of us collect is the gift of Self Love..... And that might  be the biggest one of all.

So if no one has told you today..... YOU are worth kindness. You are worth compassion, and YOU are worth another chance to try again tomorrow. When that voice in your head says otherwise, brush it away, because YOU are better than that. 

Peace Kiddies :-) 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

I thought I was an Askhole,

It turns out though, I'm just annoying :-P

How, You ask, could someone like me....Who is obviously bubbling over with Awesome, be annoying? 
Well, Here's the thing. I would rather ask another human being a question than "Google" it. 
Oh sure, I like to Google SOME questions.. Some things are a tad personal like that time I noticed a.... Well never mind.. Some things are indeed best to look up on our own... But normal stuff? Naw, I'm going to look for someone who knows more than me.

Computers and Internet are Awesome, I can't even imagine my world without them any more. One of the coolest things about them is how they connect us... We can have regular contact with people we haven't seen in decades..  

Questions, however, used to be something that brought us together.. We all know different things and once upon a time, those who knew the most things, were considered wise and even used as resources. Now, if anyone wants to know anything... We just have to hit the Net, and while having the entirety  of the worlds knowledge at our finger tips is convenient.. It takes away from the Human element of connecting with others to gain information.

Up until recently, The Old taught the Young the things that they deemed important. Now the Old for the most part have to keep that knowledge to themselves... Because we have a new generation of People, who can look anything up in fractions of a second.
I'm not saying it's all bad, but I am saying that while we gain, we also lose.

Have you ever wrestled with a question? Something simple like "Where have I seen the actor in that movie?"... You think about it, your brain goes into overdrive, and still,  you don't figure it out. Then something else comes up and you move on, but your brain, even while you are not thinking about it, is still working on the question. Then maybe 2 days later, you are driving to work and BOOM!!!!!! It Pops in your head and you go "AH HA!!!!!". THAT feeling, that euphoria we feel is amazing and only comes from working it out, even if that includes asking other people... It does not ever happen, by having the answer handed to you in 0.00001 seconds after you type the question.

Before the art of seeking knowledge though our fellow person became irritating, it was a way that we could share and feel better about ourselves. We could pass on knowledge(not to be confused with advice), to those who sought it. We felt better about ourselves and bonds grew between us and the one who asked the question.

While that isn't gone entirely, it is fading. In another 100 years when we are all wearing our Google Glasses, or whatever technology brings us that way...  the Art of Question asking will be gone, a thing of the past, but I for one, am not ready to let it go just yet.

So if I see you and ask you what you know about baking bread, or gardening, or even where the nearest Taco Bell is.. There will be no harsh feelings if you tell me to Google it, but those who take the time out of their busy day to answer the question will have both, my admiration, and gratitude. 

After all, What good is all the time that we are(supposedly) saving from having computers do a lot of the hard stuff for us, if we don't use at least some of it to connect with the people around us.

Just something to think about 


Peace Kiddies  :o)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Things that make me HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

In a couple of days, I will be, with some Awesome friends, starting the 100 Days of Happiness challenge(Link at the end).. Basically it's about being aware of what brings you joy and finding something every day that does.. then taking a picture of it and sharing it.

I haven't even started, but already I am becoming more aware of the things in life that make me smile on a day to day basis.. the trouble is, a lot of this stuff, you can't really take pictures of.

For example... Today, it was a beautiful day.. I opted to walk and bus as opposed to driving. I was standing in the sunshine, waiting for the bus, rocking to some great music and feeling fantastic..It was great, just not something I could really take a picture of.
I did get a really cool Jann Arden pin, from a kind friend.. That will be a picture(My MP3 player has Mucho Jann Arden :-)
Later while waiting in line at a variety store, the kid in front of me(17ish) was trying to buy a $2.00 Slurpee, but was having trouble with his bank card. After his 3rd try I was about to step in and say that I'd cover it, when the woman behind the counter, said in a very thick accent.. "Don't worry about it, you're in here all the time, just pay me the next time you're in."... The kid didn't understand, because I think he was in such shock over her act of kindness(Many store owners aren't exactly teenager friendly). She repeated herself and he smiled, thanked her, took his drink and was on his way. I told her she totally made my day by her kindness, because she truly had.
Again, not something I could really take a picture of(It's just creepy for some random guy to ask to take your picture, I'm sure LOL).

So what makes me happy that I could take a photo of? Let's see; First would have to be my 3 amazing children, each so different from each other, and each with their own brand of Awesome that makes me proud to be their Father every day.

I have the most Amazing Girlfriend who is brilliant and beautiful, who has the kindest heart of anyone I have ever met, and even when were apart, the fact that she's there brings me smiles every day. 

I have a wonderfully kind and supportive family, My Mom, Brother and Sister.

I have a very cool job, and work with people who are more than co workers, they are my friends.

I have a Zoo of furry animals(one with feathers), that greet me at the door every day, and curl up with me to watch horribly cheesy movies(and a generous amount of Dr. Who :-) every evening. They make me happy(You know... Most of the time LOL).

I have so much to be grateful for, and so much in my life that makes me happy.... I'm looking forward to discovering, perhaps those happy things that I'm not so aware of, or those I've been taking for granted...

I'll keep you posted.. :o)

Peace Kiddies

http://100happydays.com/            <<<<<<< Link :-)

Thursday, March 13, 2014

My "Place"

As far back as I can remember, I've always had a "Place", a magical spot that was quiet and serene. It was somewhere where I could go to sit and think, to stare and ponder life's mysteries.. And above all, find that centered feeling that we can sometimes lose in the day to day.

I have never sought out these places, more like I've stumbled upon them, and then almost unconsciously, found myself there when the need arose.

I remember in my mid teens, when we lived in a small town near Ottawa, there was a marshy area behind the farm house we lived in.. In the summer most of the water dried up leaving a pond where the beavers lived.. I had an old tree that fell across the pond that I would sit on. Sometimes I'd bring lunch, and just "Be" for hours. No cell phones back then, it was too far away to hear a parents call, for all intents and purposes, I was  just alone with my thoughts and some passing by beavers.

In the city I live in now, there is a big park, that's been  my "Place" for years... I've made most of my big decisions there...I got the ideas for some of my personal favourite writing while watching the passing river, and listening to the ducks. I have heard people say that folks talk to God, but never sit still long enough for him to talk back, my park is a place where I actually do sit and listen. Sometimes I hear nothing, and sometimes I get a thought or idea that never occurred to me before.

When I was younger, many of my thoughts were how to please others and gain their acceptance(That failed miserably LOL). Now my thoughts are more like.. How do I show the people that I love how important they are to me.

I'm thinking of this tonight I think, because like many people, I love my technology... I love my smart phone, my computer.. I do the Facebook/Twitter thing, and a lot of it is in the interest of "Being Connected" to friends, family, the people I care about.... But when I picture sitting on my bench, in my park... watching the clouds, the river, and passing roller bladers, I realize that sometimes the best way to connect with myself, is to shut all that off now and then.... And then(Stay with me now :-) I realized that if I truly want to connect with those that I care about, maybe that has the same answer. A text is wonderful, but getting together for a tea  is a thousand times better.... A Happy Birthday on someones "wall" brings smiles... But lets face it.. a phone call or better yet, a quick "Just wanted to drop off this birthday cupcake"... Means I care enough to make time for you.

Here in the great white north, it seems this winter will never end. Even so, soon it will be Spring, and the smell of flowers and grass will fill the air. I will be able to sit on my bench and hopefully reconnect with myself. In the meantime though, I think I'll carry a little of my park with me, and be more fully in this moment. The best way(I believe) to show the people in our lives how much we value them is by giving them our time and being present when we do... I'm choosing to do more of that.

And just as a side note, when I was younger and wished to do the things that would get me accepted by the people around me... It ended poorly most of the time. It never turned around for me until I learned who I was and decided to be just that. 

Something to think about. 

Peace Kiddies :-) 

PS: Photo taken from: http://www.thedistrictphotographer.com/    Check out their work :-)

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is short, so enjoy the journey :-)

Some of you may know that I work in a nursing home. It's an amazing job and I get to meet some wonderful people.  I've had some tell me that they couldn't do what I do, but really I get to do all sorts of things that most folks aren't able to at their chosen career. I get to sing and dance at work, I get to try to be my version of funny, I get to laugh a lot and I am fortunate enough to work with some excellent people who do the same and make the passage of time in a nursing home much more fun, warm and kind.

There is of course some sadness that comes with the job. We are also there in those final moments as this journey ends, and that is often difficult with a person that you have grown to care about.

I don't know why, but when I woke up today, I was thinking of one particular gentleman, who passed a few years ago, and some of his final words to me.

He told me, "Don't be afraid to be happy, or to laugh, that really good laugh that comes from the bottom of your belly.
Make sure you travel and see as much of the world as you can(he spent some time here telling me of many of the exotic places he and his wife journeyed to). Try weird foods, even the ones that you think are disgusting... Some of it will be surprisingly good, and the horrible ones you will laugh about for years.
And never be afraid to love, even if they don't love you back."

Even in his condition, his eyes were shining as he was sharing his wisdom. And while he never actually said;"Cherish the one your with" in words... I'm throwing it in there, because he said it with his expression and the tone of his voice when he spoke of his wife who had passed a few years before.

So my words today aren't my words at all, but the wisdom of one who is no longer with us, but who's message bears repeating.

Peace Kiddies... And don't forget to laugh :-)


Thursday, February 6, 2014

Being Kindly Bold(Yes, I totally just made up that expression :-)

Just a short thought today, but I saw this quote on Facebook and as I was about to share it, it occurred to me how many things we don't do or say out of fear. Fear of rejection, fear of looking stupid and fear of what's around the next corner.

I'm pretty sure that the human race is the only species that undergoes a tremendous amount of personal pain just to avoid the possibility of different pain. Even if the rewards are potentially amazing.

I was imagining if other creatures reacted to idea that they "MAY" experience pain as we do. The Rabbit for example, is pretty low on the food chain. Every time it leaves it's home it could be attacked by land or air. If that was most of us(me included), we'd never leave our little rabbit hole, and yet it goes out every day, searches for food and for the most part frolics like it owns the woods.

It's not always easy. Sometimes being honest means using the dreaded "L" word, and sometimes it means parting ways and walking your own path..... The only thing that seems to be clear is that whatever the consequence for our "Boldness", in many cases, they are worse if we are silent...

So my challenge to all of us, is to be "Kindly Bold" (That's Bold, without the meanness :-)  in all of our relationships. Whether it is with our significant others, or telling a friend how grateful we are to have them, or even telling our children how proud we are of them.

To the People in our lives, lets be Bold, and Lets be Open.... and then, let's see what happens. Because there has to be more to life than hiding down the rabbit hole.

Peace Kiddies :-)   

You know, sometimes all you need is twenty seconds of insane courage. Just literally twenty seconds of just embarrassing bravery. And I promise you, something great will come of it. - Benjamin Mee

Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Geeks Perspective


I'm Your Average Joe, and I'm a Geek. Most people who know me know that about me. Maybe not "Geek", in the cool Sheldon Cooper kinda way, more like Gamer Dude, Cartoon watching, SciFi Nut, sort of way. I LOVE all those Super Hero movies. Heck, I even liked Ben Affleck in "Daredevil" (There's something you don't hear a lot).... What a lot of people may not know though is that when I was a kid, the Super Hero I most wanted to be was Iron Man. 
Just the thought of an indestructible battle suit of armor that I could fly around and get the bad guys in was enough to send me day dreaming through the most thrilling of Math classes.

I don't think that little confession is really  note worthy. It's not unusual for a kid to dream of being a Super Hero..... However, what if I told you that I still dream of it, and that I spent all my time and money in my basement building my very own flying suit of iron and doing everything in my power to pattern myself after Tony Stark(The Guy who is Iron Man, for you non geeks :-P  ).
I'm pretty sure I would be thought of as Crazy and if I persisted, my Friends and Family might even send me to the Doctor for some "Special Medication". Because, among other things, I would be patterning my life from something that wasn't even real.... Spending all my time and resources to be like a pretend person.... I may as well say that I wanted to grow up to be the Big Bad Wolf.

What is interesting about that is how clear it is, when I say it.... and it should be, but the fact of the matter is.... People do that all the time and for the most part, it's accepted. They just choose different make believe heroes.

Many times the heroes we follow are celebrities, and while they are real, their photos aren't. Artistic genius's work magic to make people appear flawless and there are so many that diet, exercise and even surgically modify themselves to obtain the look of an Artist rendition of a person, but that rendering is no more real than Iron Man. There's a reason why when we see a celebrity we always ask the question.. "Is that really{insert name here}?"... It's because they don't look like the photo, they just look like the rest of us with all of our flaws.

It's self defeating enough to compare ourselves with anyone, but positively devastating when we compare ourselves to some else's imagination.  

Maybe the solution isn't changing Hollywood, or Cosmo, but teaching ourselves that we are beautiful just as we are. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with loosing weight, or exercising to be healthy, but I think we need to learn to "love the skin we're in"(That comes from some ad that I can't remember)... because if we don't love ourselves at 250 pounds, we won't love ourselves any more at 150.

And perhaps(Stay with me now :-) we can then be positive role models in loving ourselves to others.... Sometimes amazing changes happen as soon as one person is brave enough to make the first move.

What else? Funny you should ask. To love ourselves we have to feel good about who we are, and I can't think of a better way to do that than acts of Kindness. Imagine that, simply by being nice to each other we can grow to love ourselves, and all of our flaws, and be that example to the people we love the most.

I really believe that if we could all see how truly unique and amazing we are, we would never waste another second trying to be someone else.

Something to think about

Peace Kiddies  

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Racisim. and Other Demons

{Note... I wrote this in the summer time, but took it down to make a few changes, which I have finally done :-)   }

Lately it seems, there has been a focus on celebs who use racial slurs... The latest victim of her own poor judgment is Paula Dean.
She has lost her show and gained the scorn of many North Americans by her use of the "N" word.
While my goal with this Blog has always been to focus on kindness and things that are positive, I thought that I would share my take on the whole Racism thing of today.
Being a person of colour(Half Black), Here is what I know:

My Grandfather was born in a Black settlement outside of Halifax called Africville. It isn't there anymore, because in the 60's, the residents of that community were forcibly relocated and the town was bulldozed. A nice park now sits on the space where he and 5 generations of his forefathers were born. He never really spoke about the harshness of racism in his life, He didn't have to.
My parents.. a Black Man and a White Woman together in the early 60's dealt with a society that didn't think it proper for the two of them to be together... I have heard some stories, they were not good and I admire both of them for following their hearts and not letting anything stand in their way.
As for my life, sure I've dealt with it when I was younger, to a lesser degree.. some name calling, some bullying... and as the non white kid I had "The Cooties"... But as I got older, it became more and more rare.. To be honest I don't remember when the last time was that I felt the sting of Racism.... I live my life, and people who meet me, judge me on all sorts of things.. but I never get the impression that race is one of those things... So when I hear people like Paula Dean and others use racial slurs, I don't think that society is racist... I think that the individual is... and the fact of the matter is.. in 1000 years from now,.. when race isn't even an issue.. there will still be jerks in the world who will say hateful things... It's just life.. But that won't be(Like it isn't) a measure of Mankind.. it will be a measure of an individual.

I know that I have been very blessed in my life. You just have to spend a few minutes watching the News to see that the fight to end racism is not over, but I dare say, that there are those who are suffering greater injustices.

For example... I am not a Caucasian man, but I have an education, I have a decent job.. and I can marry any woman foolish enough to say "I Do". Whether she is White, Black, Hispanic, Asian or any one else...People would celebrate with me.. Come to my wedding and buy us presents..... BUT, Heaven Help me, if the person I loved was a Man....Then Kiddies, In most of North America, I would have the Law against me, I would face persecution from many in society... It would be an act of bravery, just to hold hands with the person I love when we were walking down the street.
It's true... Not everyone would feel that way.. But enough would to make life very uncomfortable...And I guess what I am trying to say, is that while everyone and the media is obsessed that Paula Dean uttered a "No-No" word... We should all be OUTRAGED, That part of our civilized society, doesn't even have the same human rights and the very lowest of the rest of us. We should be outraged that some feel so alienated by who they are, that they have to hide it from the rest of us, That some still have to fight for the right to call themselves a Family.
It's actually a newsworthy item when someone "Comes Out".. Why is that???? I never had to "Come In" to my friends and family... Tom Cruise never had to announce that he was a Heterosexual Male, before he married whoever he's married to now... Even some who feel they are "Enlightened" will say things like "Sure, they can do whatever they want in the privacy of their own home.. as long as we don't allow them to have children."

Yes, it's true.. When I was a young teenager, I was as homophobic as the next guy.. Frankly I had never even met a Gay man until I was almost 20... and I thought he was pretty cool, not because he was Gay, he was just a lot of fun.
The point to that little confession is that I grew up, and like others, left my childish phobias behind. We can preach kindness and love all we want, but it doesn't mean much if with the other hand we hold back and oppress others who are equally deserving, just because we refuse to understand.

In the End, Kindness always wins.. even if it takes a long time, and we can choose to be part of the instrument of that kindness, or know that we were the stumbling block that tried to hold it back.

My Choice, like most of my choices, is the one that allows me to look myself in the mirror at night.. and like who I see.

Is that just me? Thankfully, No.


Peace Kiddies 

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

It's an New Year, Lets make it Awesome :-)

Another years ends and a new one begins...

The New Year is always a time for perspective, figuring out what went wrong, assessing whether it was a good year or not. and what we'd like to change for the upcoming one.

And, with every New Year, comes the endless goals and resolutions from all of us(Yes, me included), so in my January 1st, 2014 Blog, I thought maybe I could toss out a different approach.

WHAT IF.... We all looked in the mirror, and loved who we saw. 
WHAT IF we loved every wrinkle and every pound, 
WHAT IF we looked at our flaws with the same love we use when we see a child struggling to walk. 
WHAT IF we were all grateful for EVERYTHING in that reflection.
WHAT IF we looked in that mirror and said... "You Big(Or little), wrinkled (or Young)... messy haired, unorganized, Fabulous Human Being... You ARE Good Enough, You ARE Smart Enough, and Darn-it... I LOVE YOU!!!!!

And Then( as if part one isn't amazing enough)... Instead of making resolutions to change that magnificent being in the mirror. WHAT IF, We thought to ourselves... "How Can I Make The World a Better Place!!!!!!!"

There are so many ways;

We can volunteer, we can give to noble organizations (Like  the Food Bank), We can LEARN, and spread awareness, We can LOVE those who feel unlovable. There are The Poor, The Homeless,  and People with Who have Emotional or Psych issues that need others who are aware and can help, even support them.
There's the "Breakfast for Kids" programs at most schools, and we can't forget Literacy.

Don't like People? There are animals who need foster homes, or organizations that need Dog & Cat food, and Shelters that need volunteers.

And it can be FUN!!!!  

We can share it with friends, our loved ones, our significant others, and I will tell you first hand.. You want to meet new people? Start spreading Kindness, and just see the amazing folks that cross your path.

It's even ok if we're just doing it to be selfish, What do I mean by that? Well, if there is one thing that I have learned it's that kindness feels GOOD, No Nix that, it feels GREAT!!!!!

There it is... It's one of those things in life, where everyone wins, and there are not nearly enough of those...

Something to think about. 

Happy New Years You Fabulous Human Beings :-) 

Peace Kiddies