Saturday, December 29, 2012

Christmas Miracles

When I was a kid, I remember a story, that you've probably heard, so I'll keep it short.

It was a story of a man walking along the ocean after a big storm when the tide had receded. He noticed hundreds, maybe thousands of Starfish stranded on the beach. He never gave it much thought until he saw a kid frantically picking up Starfish and throwing them back in the water. He finally asked the kid what he was doing. 
The boy explained to the man that if the Starfish stayed out of the water too long, they would die. 
The man was incredulous. He said.. "There are maybe thousands of them on the beach, you won't even make a dent in it.. Why are you wasting your time? It just doesn't matter."
The child picked up another one and as he threw it back into the ocean said, "It matters to this one".

I love how something that we do, even if it's small can be a miracle to someone else.

This Christmas I was able to witness some of these miracles made, by seemingly ordinary people doing extraordinary things.

The first is my dearest friend. One of her passions is the Homeless. While I was decorating my home for Christmas, she was on bed rest with pneumonia... But she used that time to write, call, and seek out donations of hats,mitts,blankets and food... and when she was able, proceeded to hand them out to people on the street who could use them.

Another person, who I don't know personally but admire, works tireslessly in the aid of animals who are abandoned, or abused... While I was finshing up my Christmas shopping... She spent weeks gathering donations of Cat&Dog food and other supplies that she was able to donate to 6 local shelters and organizations that care for animals.

And one more who touched my heart...

On Christmas morning... I logged into my Facebook page and saw a single mothers post. She doesn't have a lot of money.. Nor I imagine enough time to juggle between a couple of small kids and a job... But she wrote:

"If anyone is gonna be alone for Christmas please inbox me or text me, your more then welcome at my place one should be alone for Christmas!"

 Just an invite to anyone alone... I had plans for Christmas... I spent the morning with my kids and worked in the afternoon... But it still touched me that someone would make that offer.

The world around us is what it is. Sometimes Fabulous, Sometimes Scar and it's not always easy. I don't think that any one of us alone, can fix it.. But we can make it better for someone by chosing kindness and by supporting those who would go the extra mile to make it better.. 

We aren't all going to go on the street and give the homeless blankets and soup. But we can donate to the person who does.. Or to the person who is protecting the animals.. or anyone who is trying to do good on a larger scale.... 
We can do those things that may seem small to us, but could be huge to someone else.
It can be as simple as being a friend.. To the people we know and even those who we don't know. 

Then we get to help, we get to be part of the miracle. And while it may not matter to everybody... It will matter to someone...

Peace Kiddies