Sunday, April 28, 2013

Just a thought :o)

I read a small article this morning about Beatrice Wood. She was a ceramic artist, who lived to be 105 years old. She made her art at the wheel until she was 103. It was a neat story, but it made me think about that last time she sat at the pottery wheel at 103 years of age to make that final piece. I wonder if she knew that would be her last. I wonder if she poured the passion of over a centuries years of life into that final work. Or if it was just one more session at the wheel, but she decided the next day that maybe she'd take the week off.. but then never went back.

I remember this woman I knew in a nursing home. She was 104, and while she needed some support physically, Mentally, she was just as sharp as any of us younger types. We would chat and she would sometimes talk of the things she missed. It turns out that one of the things that she missed the most was cooking. 
I'm betting that if she had known the last time she cooked that, that would be her last time to be able to experience that joy... It would have been a spectacular meal. I imagine she would have savoured every moment.. The smells, the feelings and she would have been able to just  close her eyes and draw upon it.

Even at my not too old age, there are experiences in my life that have already had their last time. Some of them I was aware of. Those experiences are imprinted on my mind and soul, but others... It just never occurred to me that there would never be another one... Those memories, sadly, are pretty much lost.

I guess when we think of "last times", we normally think in terms of life's end... But Beatrice Wood lived 2 more years after her last work.. And my kind friend in the nursing home lived many more after she stopped cooking.

If anything today's line of thought is bringing me to a place where I will be more aware of the things that bring me joy... and try to more fully experience them when they come my way.. 
Because life is full of endings and new beginnings... But that which we keep safely in our hearts are with us forever.

Peace Kiddies 

Add: The Picture on the top of this post is a piece of ceramic art by Beatrice Wood :o)