Wednesday, September 25, 2013

And the best kind of Sunshine is?????

The question I posed on Facebook was... "Which kind of sunshine is the best kind?", A reliable source (Me) said... The 3rd best kind was "Sitting on your break at work, chillin' in the Sun" sunshine... 2nd, was "hanging out at the beach on a lazy afternoon" sunshine... but what was the elusive Number 1?

Well go figure, the person who came the closest to being right was....{Drumroll Please}... My Mom, when she said(talking about Moi)... "You are my Sunshine, You make me happy when clouds are grey"....(Mom's pretty smart for an old broad LOL)

In fact, while I was sitting on my break at work on this cool autumn afternoon, soaking in the last of today's rays... That's pretty much what I was thinking.. Not the "Me" part of course, but all of the people in my life that fill my days with sunshine, even when it's raining... And when I really sat and thought about it, I was amazed and humbled at the same time.

I have 3 Amazing Children, who are getting older now, so they are more than just my kids, they are my friends.. They are Awesome people, They make me proud and they brighten up my life.

I have an incredible family, who love and support me.. My Cool Mom, talented Sister, Rock Star Brother.. Nieces, a sole nephew. Another Brother who may actually be a Ninja, and has the sweetest family.

I work with spectacular people, who make going to work fun and a thing of joy, even on the really bad days...

I even have a horrible monster in my life who brightens my day just by by being her(and a very cool Mini Monster :-)

I have extraordinary friends, some near, others far away... They are kind and brilliant and wonderful, each and every one of them.

Not all my Sunshine bringers are human... I have 2 foster pups that have been with me for a while and who are so happy when I come home, that I can't help but be happy too.

It just sort of hit me today, when I was feeling kind of "Meh"(On my a fore mentioned break)  and was brightened up after a simple 5 min phone call from my Lovely Daughter. Nothing outrageous was said, but I felt brighter, She does that a lot :-)

It did get me thinking though of the many people in my life who, through one way or another, brighten my days...

My question... "Which is the best sunshine" was in fact a silly way to lead into a big...


To everyone, who though their kindness, their friendship, warm smiles, and just by being Fabulous, make my world a better place.

You may have no idea how important you are... But take my word for it... My Universe would be a sadder emptier place without you.

So I send you all a big Group Hug

And say "Thank You for being You"

Peace Kiddies :-)