Sunday, July 13, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

It's true, no one is perfect... Which becomes obvious when you're looking for the remote and "No One" was the last one with it :-P  
Really though, as much as we may try, there's always room for improvement. 

Heck, I try to live a life based on kindness and being good to people, but I have grumpy days when I don't feel up to dealing with Joe Public. I like being nice, but once in a while I'm wearing my grumpy pants and being nice is the last thing on my mind.
I believe all sorts of good and wonderful things, but sometimes{*Cough, Usually}  I may not live up to all those ideals.
Occasionally I can beat my self up a bit with questions like, "Why aren't I better?" or "Why am I not doing more?" Especially if I compare myself to friends and acquaintances who are literally changing the world around them. 

The idea of only comparing ourselves to the person we were yesterday is a good one, except for those difficult days when we most likely feel like the person we were yesterday was actually better than the one we are today.
Those are the days when kindness is most important. I don't mean "helping seniors cross the street" kindness either(but if you have the chance, go for it :-) I mean kindness to ourselves. Because there is one thing that we know, that few others do, and that is what is in our hearts. 

Everyone has bad days... Everyone flunks an exam, everyone gets crabby and, everyone yells at their kids now and then. What is it then that sets us apart from others who regularly give into their anger, or thrive in being cruel and unkind? What separates us from them, is what is in our hearts... The very fact that someone is trying to show kindness in their everyday lives.... Or that someone has the desire to be patient with their children. Even the desire to be a good friend, puts them miles in front of another who doesn't care.
The challenge then on the "Bad" days, is to look deep inside and see who we really are, and just as importantly, who we really want to be... And then, Cut ourselves some slack!!!!!

It's amazing what we will accept in someone we care about, we give them the benefit of a doubt. We say things like.."They are just having a bad day". We acknowledge that they might be stressed because of other circumstances and then we forgive them.
While that is a wonderful trait, it's just as important to show ourselves the same compassion... And, surround ourselves with people who will do it for us, when we can't.

Life is a journey, not a race.....There's no prize for finishing, we collect our prizes along the way.  I think the gift that too few of us collect is the gift of Self Love..... And that might  be the biggest one of all.

So if no one has told you today..... YOU are worth kindness. You are worth compassion, and YOU are worth another chance to try again tomorrow. When that voice in your head says otherwise, brush it away, because YOU are better than that. 

Peace Kiddies :-)