Friday, November 19, 2010

It's Rememberance Day every day.

It was Remembrance Day in Canada last week, a day set aside to pause and reflect, to remember those who gave their all for the freedoms that we enjoy, and just as importantly, a day for our nation to stand up and with one voice, say Thank you to those brave men and women who are still with us, and a silent thank you in our hearts for those who are not. 
I am humbled to tears when I think of the sacrifices made so that we can enjoy the freedoms that we have. I am also swollen with Pride when I think of our soldiers abroad who would make the same sacrifices so that others can experience, perhaps for the first time, those same freedoms.
Like most Canadians though, while I appreciate the day being set aside to honour our Heroes,  I am on a daily basis reminded and grateful for those seemingly simple things of life, that came at such a high price.
Every time that I vote(and I always do), I have a silent prayer of gratitude in my heart, for those who fought so that I could have this freedom. When I walk into church, again, a prayer of gratitude for that freedom, or choosing a school for my children, having the ability to disagree with my government. Walking into a grocery store with full shelves, or buying as much gas as I can afford. The ability to read any book that I choose, or being innocent until proven guilty.
There are so many blessings to living in this great country of ours and every one of them came at a price. A price that was paid for by those who fought for us and by those left at home.

Oh Canada, We Stand on Guard for thee, and our soldiers, stood and stand on guard for us, and we are forever grateful.

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