Friday, June 17, 2011

Sometimes, they just don't laugh :-D

In my normal day to day, I try and keep it light hearted. Some people even say that I am funny,and it always makes me smile when they do. I'm not sure how funny I actually am, but I do know this. In an effort to try and keep it light and airy, occasionally I say something, that no matter how hilarious  it may have sounded in my head... Just doesn't get nearly the response I was hoping for. So for today, I thought that I would share my latest 3 joke fails.

The first one, I still think is funny.. In fact it is a variation of a quote that was made by Joan Rivers(She was/is funny right?). It goes like this...When  people are talking about their relationships  you say "Man it's been such a long time, I've forgotten who's supposed to wear the handcuffs"... BooYa. I tried it not once,Not twice but thrice  in different crowds(once on Facebook)... and Nothing, Nada... I'm like "Come on guys, this is my "A" material", but alas.. I guess it's just not that funny... so that one gets retired.

The second one.. also was in my  head very funny. As most know, I work with Seniors... What people may not know is some of those ladies can get pretty flirty.. It's rather cute. So inevitably they will ask me if I'm married, and sometimes my response can be "No, but I'm always on the look out for my next ex-wife" (Funny right?). The last time I said this.. The woman stopped laughing and said very seriously " Oh no my Dear, you are much too young for me, and I am far to complicated a woman for you"... I was SPEECHLESS  (One of the rare times)....Here I was Pwned(gamer talk sorry) by a 94 year old woman... So that one gets retired as well.

Third, and yes, this is best(or worst) for last..... It goes under the category of "Learn From My Fail".
When you are a Male, working with a 98% Female population..... Never, EVER... say when talking about dating: "I'm so out of practice with dating, the last time I was out with a woman, I put the roofie in my own drink"... In your head, it may be funny as heck, and people may just laugh hysterically at your statement...but the REALITY is... that everyone will just stop talking and stare at you... In fact even people that were not in the room, will peek their heads in and stare at you, and you will apologize profusely at your own stupidity... Only to be forgiven because "You're just a man after all, what do you know".

I share these foibles with you because if you can't laugh at yourself, then really what's the point. Also to say thank you to my amazing  Friends, who choose to remain my friends  even when the room goes silent.... You guys are the best, and you make my world brighter every day ..

 Peace Kiddies 

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  1. I get the same reactions. My funniest stuff is met with cold stares and people laugh when I toss out something from the B list. Humour is funny that way.