Thursday, August 18, 2011


The question that I posed on a warm summers evening as I was waiting for the latest round of insomnia to fade away was this:  I wonder if we ended up with what we valued most, would it change what we valued?

I have my own reasons why that question was on my mind.. and I posed it to my friends on Facebook and Twitter.
A few kind souls called me "Deep", not a word usually used to describe me, but appreciated none the less.. 
The question I received from more than a few people was; "What the heck are you talking about???", and so Dear Readers... Allow me to explain my question.

Most of us, when asked what it is we value, come up with similar answers... We value our families, our spouses/partners.. We value our belief system, our children.
In many cases we pay lip service to the things that we value... and then we go about the business of "Living". 

We Value our families, yet we spend an excessive amount of time at work... We get home, and then require "Me" time...We watch TV, we spend time online, we play our X-Boxes.... can't forget the golf game on Saturday. We will simply fall apart if we don't hit the gym at least 4 times a week. We must watch the Hockey game on the weekend, and Football on Monday. Not to mention the possibility that the world might shatter of we don't vacuum or do the dishes this second.

It can be astounding when we consider the things that take us away from the things that we "Value the most". The truth is though, even if we can't admit it to that we spend time doing the things that we value. Plain and simple. We also have to live the consequences of those choices.

In many cases, couples don't just grow apart and "fall out of love" automatically, it happens because instead of valuing each other, respecting each others goals and working together... We value other things or other people more, then one day we discover that we don't know this person we live with. Children grow estranged from us... Sometimes that just happens, but sometimes, we simply had more important things to do and then it was to late.

Every day has it's own opportunities , and the choices we make each day accumulate, and in the end... What we are left with is the result of years of all those decisions.

My thought with my question was basically, knowing that, what different choices can I make today that will leave me with the things I truly value tomorrow?

All in all, I didn't mean to be "Deep", it's just where my mind has been taking me. 
May those important to me know how greatly they are valued, by the choices I make today.

Peace Kiddies  


  1. Reminds me of the "Pebbles, Sand and a Jar" story:

  2. Easier for those of us who don't live with those we care about most - am widowed with adult daughters who have families of their own. Time with them is wonderful - also leaves me time for doing other stuff. So I value books and writing, and time with them. It's not an either/or.