Sunday, February 24, 2013

Is Animal Fostering for you?

I should open first by saying that there are many others who would be way more qualified to write this than me.. I'm not a huge animal activist, this is my first time fostering, and I've never rescued puppies from a burning building... 
I'm just a guy, as average as they come, with a couple of very cool new friends/house guest.

Their names are Casper and Wendy. They are Mother and Daughter, ages 14&11 and they are Huskies.

I had never really thought of animal fostering before... and wasn't even thinking about it when I heard about these two girls. A friend posted on Facebook, that they were looking for a foster home for them a few months ago... I didn't even know if I would qualify, but I looked around and saw plenty of room for a couple in need of a place to stay and thought, "Why Not?"...

Some advantages to fostering are, the support circle you have around you.. If I run into trouble, help is a phone call or e-mail away.
It's good for people who may not know what the future holds, so committing to owning a pet for the next 12-17 years may be impractical. 
In my case, finances are an issue.. Can I afford to buy and feed a pet? Sure I can, but if they tripped in a hole while running tomorrow and needed $1000.00 in Vet care?... Ummmm.. No I could not even begin to figure out what I'd do.

Each rescue group is different. The one I deal with drops off food when I run low.. sometimes treats as well, and they take care of vet expenses.
(And at this point, I really need to plug; "All Breeds Canine Rescue", They are the very nicest of people and there is a link at the end of this :-)

When I told friends that I would be receiving two new house guest, one of the first questions that they asked me was, "What if you get attached to them?"... I foolishly responded that I wouldn't. I was just trying to do something nice.. but I knew it was temporary so I would not let myself grow too attached....

AND.... I didn't. Nope, not this guy, who is completely in control of his emotions... Not for a whole 2 weeks. That's when I was coming home from work, sitting on the bus excited and happy for some unknown reason, and it hit me that I was feeling that way, because I was looking forward to seeing "My Girls". 

So, there you have the big disadvantage.. The "Knowing", that one day they will go away, and yes, when I think of that, Of course I get sad, and I imagine that when that day comes.. This 6 foot tall, heavy set, bald, dark man.. will shed more than a few tears. But that's OK... Because the smile on my face watching Casper crashed on the bed with my sleeping daughter, like that's the only place on the earth that she wants to be, or the fun we've had being out in the snow together.. The memories of late cheesy movie nights with Casper sleeping on my lap, and Wendy crashed on the love seat.. and even waking up squeezed on 8 inches of bed, while they hog the rest of it.... All of that and more will make those tears sooooooo worth it.

Now you might think by reading this, that maybe I have one of those quiet lives, consisting of me sitting around alone and these dogs are now my life, Like the Crazy Cat lady down the street.. But in fact, I have 3 Awesome kids, I have Amazing friends, an Incredible family and a job that I love(4 out of 5 days LoL)..... Even with all that, these girls have added new joys to my life, and I am very grateful for them.

Now back to my original question. Is Animal Fostering for you? Well, if you have a spot where you can place a litter box, some room on the floor for a food and water dish, If you didn't notice whether it was sunny or cloudy out today, because you had other things on your mind,.. If you think watching American Idol would be more fun while scratching a furry sleeping head.... or if just want to so something nice to one who maybe can't say thank you with their words, but more than compensates with their eyes, It is definitely something you should think about. Because Kindness in all forms benefits the giver as much as the receiver, and nothing makes that more evident than when you come out of the bathroom and your foster pets are laying on the floor outside the bathroom door waiting for you to come out..

Maybe we can't change the whole world.. But fortunately we all have the power to make it brighter for someone.. and sometimes that someone is very furry :-)

Peace Kiddies

Add... Here is the link for the Rescue group I deal with, I will include other links of other groups as I get them.
All Breed Canine Rescue-           

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  1. Very good cause, Mike. I wish i could foster, but we have too many allergies around here. I'm just glad that there are people who can help where I can't. One of my very few regrets is that my kids could never have a pet, because my cats and my dog were a very satisfying part of my childhood.

    Keep up the good work!