Friday, March 29, 2013

Somethings are worth the risk :o)

At some point, I'm sure folks will tire of me talking about the amazing people in my life, be they family, friends or people just met, but most likely long after everyone has quit listening or reading to what I have to say, I'll still be talking or writing about it.
I am incredibly fortunate and hugely blessed to know a host of kind and caring individuals. People who make it their life's journey to give and give. People who's first instinct is Kindness. People whom I am honoured to call friends and family.

I am sometimes reminded though of a Life Lesson I learned a couple of years ago. That to be a true friend actually comes in two parts.
It comes from caring, and lifting others up, from being a sympethetic ear, and supportive, and so much more that involves giving and kindness.

However, that's just the first part, and in fact, it's the easy part.

The second and harder part, is allowing others be there for us. And THAT can be terrifying for some. Having the faith and trust in another human being to say,"I need help", opening ourselves up enough to cry on anothers shoulder..Letting someone else into the island that is our inner core. THAT can be scary. Many have done it and been hurt or disappointed with the result, which gives people the feeling that they truly are alone.
What people tend to lose sight of, is that when we let others around us in, and let them build US up when we need it, they are giving us something that we need, but we are giving them something even more precious, the gift of us. We are giving them our trust and our faith and leaving ourselves open.

It's true, we may be dispponted because we trusted the wrong person and we may be hurt by the result.. There is a risk... However the truly amazing things in this life.. Love, a first kiss, the first time we try something remarkable.. They all come with huge risk, but no one will argue that the pay off can be something that we cherish all of our lives.

There isn't a single one of us that doesn't feel alone at some point in our lives.... But, just maybe, even if we FEEL that way, we don't have to BE that way.

Just something to think about.

Peace Kiddies   


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