Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Geeks Perspective


I'm Your Average Joe, and I'm a Geek. Most people who know me know that about me. Maybe not "Geek", in the cool Sheldon Cooper kinda way, more like Gamer Dude, Cartoon watching, SciFi Nut, sort of way. I LOVE all those Super Hero movies. Heck, I even liked Ben Affleck in "Daredevil" (There's something you don't hear a lot).... What a lot of people may not know though is that when I was a kid, the Super Hero I most wanted to be was Iron Man. 
Just the thought of an indestructible battle suit of armor that I could fly around and get the bad guys in was enough to send me day dreaming through the most thrilling of Math classes.

I don't think that little confession is really  note worthy. It's not unusual for a kid to dream of being a Super Hero..... However, what if I told you that I still dream of it, and that I spent all my time and money in my basement building my very own flying suit of iron and doing everything in my power to pattern myself after Tony Stark(The Guy who is Iron Man, for you non geeks :-P  ).
I'm pretty sure I would be thought of as Crazy and if I persisted, my Friends and Family might even send me to the Doctor for some "Special Medication". Because, among other things, I would be patterning my life from something that wasn't even real.... Spending all my time and resources to be like a pretend person.... I may as well say that I wanted to grow up to be the Big Bad Wolf.

What is interesting about that is how clear it is, when I say it.... and it should be, but the fact of the matter is.... People do that all the time and for the most part, it's accepted. They just choose different make believe heroes.

Many times the heroes we follow are celebrities, and while they are real, their photos aren't. Artistic genius's work magic to make people appear flawless and there are so many that diet, exercise and even surgically modify themselves to obtain the look of an Artist rendition of a person, but that rendering is no more real than Iron Man. There's a reason why when we see a celebrity we always ask the question.. "Is that really{insert name here}?"... It's because they don't look like the photo, they just look like the rest of us with all of our flaws.

It's self defeating enough to compare ourselves with anyone, but positively devastating when we compare ourselves to some else's imagination.  

Maybe the solution isn't changing Hollywood, or Cosmo, but teaching ourselves that we are beautiful just as we are. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with loosing weight, or exercising to be healthy, but I think we need to learn to "love the skin we're in"(That comes from some ad that I can't remember)... because if we don't love ourselves at 250 pounds, we won't love ourselves any more at 150.

And perhaps(Stay with me now :-) we can then be positive role models in loving ourselves to others.... Sometimes amazing changes happen as soon as one person is brave enough to make the first move.

What else? Funny you should ask. To love ourselves we have to feel good about who we are, and I can't think of a better way to do that than acts of Kindness. Imagine that, simply by being nice to each other we can grow to love ourselves, and all of our flaws, and be that example to the people we love the most.

I really believe that if we could all see how truly unique and amazing we are, we would never waste another second trying to be someone else.

Something to think about

Peace Kiddies  

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  1. Very positive comment, one that we should take not of, we do need more self love to be able to love others