Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Life is short, so enjoy the journey :-)

Some of you may know that I work in a nursing home. It's an amazing job and I get to meet some wonderful people.  I've had some tell me that they couldn't do what I do, but really I get to do all sorts of things that most folks aren't able to at their chosen career. I get to sing and dance at work, I get to try to be my version of funny, I get to laugh a lot and I am fortunate enough to work with some excellent people who do the same and make the passage of time in a nursing home much more fun, warm and kind.

There is of course some sadness that comes with the job. We are also there in those final moments as this journey ends, and that is often difficult with a person that you have grown to care about.

I don't know why, but when I woke up today, I was thinking of one particular gentleman, who passed a few years ago, and some of his final words to me.

He told me, "Don't be afraid to be happy, or to laugh, that really good laugh that comes from the bottom of your belly.
Make sure you travel and see as much of the world as you can(he spent some time here telling me of many of the exotic places he and his wife journeyed to). Try weird foods, even the ones that you think are disgusting... Some of it will be surprisingly good, and the horrible ones you will laugh about for years.
And never be afraid to love, even if they don't love you back."

Even in his condition, his eyes were shining as he was sharing his wisdom. And while he never actually said;"Cherish the one your with" in words... I'm throwing it in there, because he said it with his expression and the tone of his voice when he spoke of his wife who had passed a few years before.

So my words today aren't my words at all, but the wisdom of one who is no longer with us, but who's message bears repeating.

Peace Kiddies... And don't forget to laugh :-)


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