Sunday, October 11, 2015

Today, I am most grateful for Family :-)

I've been thinking about family and what it means to me.

It started today with someone saying that they get to spend Thanksgiving Day with their "work family". It totally changed how I saw going to work, which until that moment was more like;"I have to go to work on Thanksgiving", with my mental focus really being on what I would be missing out on by going to work(Mmmm... Turkey hehe).

Thinking along those terms, I became aware and very grateful, for not just my Family, but my Families.

I have my three children, who are my Family, they are the most important three humans in my world. They are amazing and brilliant(fortunately they get their brains from their Mom :-) and awesome. Each of them have made me proud in their own way, and continue to do so. I even have an ex wife, who, while the whole marriage thing may not have worked, gave me these amazing children and will always be family.

I have this incredible girlfriend who practically makes my heart melt every time she smiles.. We've been dating for about 2 1/2 years, but truth be told, she's been family for around 5, and her awesome daughter, who has no real reason to be nice to me, but there it is, she's family too.

There's my extended family.. My Mom, Step-dad, Brother and Sister, and my 4 way cool nieces and nephews. They see me at my best and my worst, and love me anyways, and I am blessed to have each of them in my life.

I have family that I don't see very much, my Father, his wonderful wife, and a step brother with a wonderful wife and awesome kids of his own, and a couple of step brothers out west that I haven't seen in years and years, and yet, they are family.

And yes, I have a work family too. Tracey and Tabitha, Theresa, Linda, Lilly, and now Paula. To be honest, they are the ones I see more than anyone.. They are the ones that hound me until I see a Doctor when I'm sick, who surprise me with my favourite treats, and show kindness whether I'm having a good day or a rough one. They just do so many things to show they care, that of course they are family.

Today while I was thinking about family, I realized, that while I have my "blood family", which no one could ever replace(we only get one Mom for example, no one on earth can replace that, so treat her right :-), family can also be all those  people in our world, who love us, care about us, and sometimes put our needs in front of their own. When you break it down to it's bare bones.. Family is Love.

So for everyone of you who are my family, blood or otherwise, Today, I am most grateful for YOU!! 
I may not have a lot of money, but I am indeed a rich man, and you my Family and Friends who are Family are the treasure that makes it so.

Peace Kiddies, and Thank You :-)

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