Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Why Being a Vegan Sucks!!!!(Or so I thought)

As anyone who knows me, knows by now, I gave up animal products a couple of months ago. They all know it, because I can't shut up about it. 
I'm not preachy, more like feigned humility; "Oh, I don't care what anyone else eats, this is just a choice I've made for myself". In a way, it's almost worse. It's like pretending to be humble, all the while pointing out why I'm different(I seriously can not believe I turned into one of "Those" people)...
Long story short, I watched the movie "Cowspiracy", and that was it... I was done eating animals.
I am 52 years old, and have spent a life time making quiet fun of all those grain eater/tree hugger types, only to become one of them. 
I tell myself, that I won't get all smug about it, like the herbivores, but truth be told, if "smug" came down like rain, there would be some dude somewhere, building an arc and gathering animals 2 by 2. I have no idea, how people can even stand to be in a room with me.
So... Why does it suck? Well for starters a relativity nice person like me, can turn into a self righteous windbag(In more ways than one... Let's just say that Broccoli is not my friend).
Add to that, I'm the only Vegan I know, so I have pretty much alienated myself from friends and family.
I'm never ever going to eat food again, that I didn't cook for myself or order in a vegan friendly restaurant. It goes without saying that "dinner invitations" are now a thing of the past.
Sure, I can still order my coffee at Timmies, but coffee without cream sucks, and yes, Starbucks does offer non dairy "milk", but let's be honest, Starbucks coffee taste like bath water, and is more expensive.
Christmas is coming up and my poor family is all freaked out about what to feed me(My suggestion that I will just make something and bring it along didn't go over).
I have an awesome amazing girlfriend, who is one of the best cooks I know.... Which is utterly wasted on me now, and suppose we got married? How would that even work? Oh, Let's just cook individual meals for ourselves for the rest of our lives(Oh Yay!!).
AND My favourite 3 things to eat in the world, My Gf's Mac and Cheese, Cinnabon's and Krispy Kreme doughnuts and forever lost to me.
I know I will find new favourite foods, but tonight, I'm just a big kid who wants his blanky. 
It's funny, I didn't do it for my health, I'd seen "Vegucated" and "Forks over Knives", and knew all about the health benefits... I just didn't care, I was happy in my little life. Sure I was feeling the effects of a life time of personal food abuse, but that was just the price we pay for eating the way most of us do. It was all of the other reasons, the environment, world hunger, animal cruelty, that convinced me to make the switch.
Even though it wasn't a "health based" choice, I have to admit, that I have never felt better in my post 25 year old adult life. I'm losing weight, I don't hurt as much(intense body pain was becoming so familiar that it was "The norm"). I have a lot more energy. It's only been 2 months, but I feel 15 years younger.
Before, I had heart disease and diabetes to look forward to(I have a family history of both), Now.. Who knows? I'm not a doctor, but I feel, like I'm getting healthier by the day.
Would I go back to the carnivore I was? I truly hope not. Even tonight in my state of crabbiness, it's not really the foods I miss, but having such a huge thing in common with everyone around me. It's kinda lonely. Most of my friends are cheering me on, but I miss being "part of the herd", and I'm not really a pretentious blow hard, but I feel like I am. I don't miss bacon, but I miss being part of "The bacon generation".
I am learning how to cook all over again and that's actually a lot of fun. My beautiful vegetarian daughter taught me the basics and I make it a point to learn a new dish a week. Last week it was mushroom gravy on home made fries(Because, life without gravy is just not a life :-) This week, I think it will be loaded baked potato soup.
And then there's always the nice surprises, like learning that Oreo's and Cap't Crunch are vegan friendly.
All in all, the "V" lifestyle is actually, ok, even fun. It's just, I always thought the hard part would be missing the food, but our culture puts such a social emphasis on what we eat and how we eat it, that really, what I miss the most is, just being part of the gang.

How's that for "Food for thought"?

Peace Kiddies 


I wrote this about a month ago. Let me tell you what I have experienced in this past month.
I have had such amazing support from Family and Friends... That Christmas dinner with my family, that I was so freaked about was just a lovely afternoon, my Brother actually made a Quinoa  vegetable stove top stuffing so that I could have some. Friends at work keep bringing in things for me to try, like Vegan French Toast, and baked goods without any animal products in them.
I have learned how to makes some delicious meals, that I can not wait to get home to eat. My Girlfriend even found a recipe for a desert in case I am battling a sweet tooth. My Mother discovered TVP, and excitedly bought me some, even my Daughter and Ex Wife made me a Vegan Chile that was simply delicious 
And at no time have the health benefits, been more obvious than last night when I had to shovel snow for the first time this year... Last year, I always shoveled in the dead of night, because I was embarrassed at needing a break every 10 mins.... But last night, I went through that snow in under half an hour, and then took the dog for a walk after... And I was feeling AWESOME!!!!!.
When I originally wrote this I was feeling lonely, being the only Vegan I know... A month later, physically I'm feeling Amazing, and emotionally I have felt so much kindness and acceptance from people with no real reason to be that nice to me.... 
As for lonely, I've never felt so much a part of everyone around me like I do now, and as for missing my favourite foods? I am developing so many new faves. that put my old ones to shame. :-)

So if you are at that point, where you are feeling isolated and wondering why you began this journey..... Just wait Kiddies. It doesn't just get better, It get's AWESOME!!!!

Peace Kiddies, and Thank You :-)  {{Hugs all the way around}} 

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