Monday, October 4, 2010

Little Moments

Life seems to be made up of little moments that define us. I have read that in cases of divorce, the proverbial "last straw" is usually one moment, one act that to observers looking in may seem even trivial, but it turns out to be the deal breaker. I have spoken with people who have shared with me the moment they knew it was over.. and yes it did seem pretty small to me, but huge to them. Conversely , I think it works the other way too. We meet and date all sorts of people before we narrow in on the person we want to settle down with... What made them so special?  I'm sure most of the others were nice.. Perhaps it was a single act.. One moment where we just knew.
The harsh reality is that sometimes in life, it doesn't matter what we do, be it good or bad... We can be defined by one act, in one moment.. everything else just fades into the background. Don't believe me? Lets see then, lets think Mel Gibson. Great actor, awesome director, a life time of achievements, but he is defined and remembered for one moment.. when he was pulled over for impaired driving and he went off on a racial rant that was just horrible. None of those other achievements really mean a whole lot after that. When Mel's name comes up.. we think "drunken racist".
I have been thinking about that lately for some reason. What are my moments like? How will I be remembered? I try to have as many good moments as I can, I try and be a good friend, a good Dad. 
When my journey is done, I would like someone to say "Yeah, he laughed hard, and it was infectious. I would like my kids to say " he always kept his cool, and we could go to him with anything". I would like someone to say "He loved with his whole heart", or "He was a great friend, who always went above and beyond to make people happy". How about "He was a great Christian, he accepted and respected everyone's beliefs", and while I'm dreaming.. I want at least one person to say "Oh yeah, and he had a Butt, that I couldn't keep my eyes off of(LOL, I may have to pay someone for that one ahead of time).
I try and be mindful of those things in my day to day life, because there is no way to tell which moments will be forgotten and which will be remembered, and hopefully if I have enough good moments in the second half of my life, Perhaps, just maybe, I may be remembered for those and forgiven for the  many, many bad moments in the first half.

Time will tell

Peace Kiddies

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