Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No name for this one just yet

 I was driving yesterday and saw what I thought was a man about to fly a kite. I don't know why that made me smile, but it just did. A closer look showed me that he wasn't in fact getting ready to fly a kite, but was instead preparing some roadside sign to flag passing motorist to his place of business. Too bad, I thought the whole kite thing would have been cool.
Truth is, I haven't seen anyone fly a kite in years. My home backs onto a huge football field. Perfect for kite flying, baseball games and laying on your back to stare at clouds. All that seems to have gone the way of The Unicorn, and  the Dodo Bird. In this world of Facebook, X-Box and Gameboys, who needs kites.
Now I am not ancient.. sure I am when compared to a blade of grass, but if I were a mountain, I would not even have begun in years... and for a man.. I am just right :-P(That is actually a quote from a movie for any buffs that recognized it hehe). I have been thinking since then of other things that have gone by the wayside.
Like Comics and baseball cards... Sure you can still buy them, but it's mostly for collectors now. Remember marbles, and spinning tops?  When my boys were younger, I would be a freakin' Hero if I brought home Crazy Bones, or Pogs... or(yes I'll say it) Pokemon cards.
Today, I'm not sure what I would pick up on my way home from work to make the little guys grin.
I'm not anti technology at all, My home has a computer for every person, but there has to be a place in the world for the classics as well. WII fit is all good if it helps you, but it shouldn't take the place of a long walk on a beautiful day.
I guess when I ponder these things, it's only fitting to see what my place is in the puzzle. I am kind of middle of the road... I'm a tech nut true, I love my Tv, and my computer... Any day of the week you might find me gaming, but it's just as likely that you will find me curled up with a book. I watch all sorts of movies where things go Kabluey... but sometimes I just need to feed the ducks.
Some things just change, it's inevitable. Fortunately some things don't. While I am sitting here writing, with my windows open, blowing the smell of a fresh rain shower through my living room, I can hear the scream of some young and very happy children. They are out side with their rubber boots on splashing in the puddles. They don't care about what's on Tv, or who's playing Playstation, all they care about is getting wetter than the other kids. It's like a pocket of joyful sanity in a world that seems intent on moving on. In a few years, those kids will be updating their status's on their IPhones, but for today, they are just kids splashing in the puddles. As I  listen to them play with a huge smile on my face that I wasn't wearing 5 mins. ago, I think I understand a little clearer why it is said that we must be as little children to enter the kingdom of heaven. I look at my day ahead of me... dishes, homework, class and later work, and I'm thinking that all that can wait. I'm going to to put life on hold, for just a little while, and take a walk in the rain.

Peace Kiddies

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