Thursday, November 24, 2011

For Today

Today, I leave you with just a thought:

You never know who is having a bad day, who is feeling alone, you never know who can't see their own "Awesome" in the mirror.. So today, lets give those random Hugs.. lets share that extra smile.. Lets spread Joy where we go, because we have no idea what a difference it could make.

Peace Kiddies {{{HUG}}}


  1. Well, here's a random hug for you, from your newest follower :-)

  2. You are AWESOME Sarah, Thank you... Hug Right back atcha {{{HUG}}} :o)

  3. You've won an award! (not spam!)

  4. Well, this is the truth. Sometimes, the simplest kindness is what can bring us back from the dark side. Reminds me of a trial when I was trying to get across the country with my two toddlers before my grandmother passed (4000 mile roadtrip alone). The mini-van broke. The GPS broke. The electric outlets in the van to charge my phone broke. All before I was even 2 hours out of my home city. I just wanted to cry and quit and apologize for not making it to see her for the last time. A mechanic at Best Buy, fixed it all, rushed me to the front of the line and then, told me to pay it forward and didn't charge me a cent. That energized me to drive on and I saw her before she passed. But, I was right on the edge. His kindness brought me over. Very nice post- short as it was. :)