Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why the heck are you asking Me?

I read something funny on Twitter today, and I stole it.. The tweet went something like “Someone asked me a question about relationships. That’s kind of like asking the Pope to name all the members of Korn”.

It was funny because about 2 hours later I received an e-mail from a buddy of mine that I haven’t seen in a while asking ME relationship advice.. Me, Mr. Divorced, no relationship Dude.. So I threw that line at him and he now thinks I’m way funnier than I am(Yeah Me).

He was wondering if the woman he is seeing is “The” woman…

After cracking the joke, this is what I told him..

Besides all that stuff we hear about having things in common and chemistry(which is certainly good stuff to consider), I think that maybe it comes down to a  few things:

1) Does the person give you something that no one else does or can? Even in a relationship, we meet all sorts of people, and can even be attracted to some of them.. But does your potential significant other give you something unique that only comes from them? The way they laugh, the way they make you feel, the way they know and accept you? Whatever that magic ingredient is that makes them special.. If so Great, if not, maybe you’re not done looking.

2)Do you feel better, more complete even, when you are together.. No, you don’t want to be glued together, but you should always look forward to feeling the way you do when you are .. If you do? Great, if not… well, maybe they are not the one.

3)Can you be with them and still be “You”.. That is just so important.

If you can, how awesome is that.. If not.. well you know.

And Finally..

4)If you look at yourself through their eyes.. Do you see the best of yourself? 

Really I should have just forwarded his question to any number of happy couples that I know... But deep down inside, I'm a hopeless Romantic, and for all I know, the Pope may be a huge Korn fan(You never know :o)

Peace Kiddies