Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Jann Arden 2012 London!!!! Review

I can sum up Jann Ardens show in London last week in one word... AWESOME!! If I could use two words then they would be Fabulously Awesome. I can tell you that I laughed, smiled and even choked back a few tears. That's the thing with Jann's music, it touches your soul.

I should start by saying a bit about her band. Such a gifted group of Musicians.. After listening to their intros that highlighted their individual talents, I had the strong impression that each of these amazing performers could have been center stage for their own shows. In fact Allison Cornell who did vocals and violin has her own solo work out(She was quite amazing), and yet they played together as if that was all they had ever done, each complimenting the others in their performance. It just shows the caliber of artist that we were privileged to see.
Jann Arden herself was wonderful, The girl is just so funny, she had us laughing one minute swaying to her hypnotic  voice the next. She looked so incredibly at home on the stage and immediately had us feeling like she wasn't so much headlining a concert, but instead entertaining a gathering of friends.

She started out with some of her new stuff, which includes some old classics like Rocket Man and Misty Blue, then eased us into her older hits, including everyone's  favourites "Where no one knows me", "Could I be your girl", and of course "Good Mother".

Her music is filled with warm breezes, smiles and memories of driving down the road with the radio cranked singing at the top of your lungs, and I felt it all sitting there.
While some concerts have you leaving ready to "fight for your right"..  I left that show with a smile on my face and my world being a little lighter, brighter and warm.

Even though the show was about 2 hours long,  time flew by. No sooner had it begun it seemed they were doing their encore, leaving us wanting more, of course, but also going home feeling better than when we arrived. It's a week later and I still carry it with me.

In closing I would like to thank The John Labatt Center for providing the tickets. My Friend Cheri McLeod for spear heading the project to go as reviewers, and lastly, but certainly not least, Jann Arden and her Awesome band for sharing their talents with us. I can't wait until the next time :o)

Peace Kiddies 


  1. Really good review, makes me feel that I should have been there, for sure will go to the next concert,

  2. Ditto!! (I'd bet anybody that was there would want to say the same)

  3. The fact that Jann did a 2hr show, shows how much she cares about her fans , most concerts only last 45m, to 1 hour, bravo for pointing out how dedicated Jann is to her music

  4. Excelent review!!!!!