Thursday, October 11, 2012

Just a thought :o)

Years ago I had a friend who, among other things, used to work at summer camps with children. He told a few of us this story once on how He used to tell them that they were "Neato". One day though one of the more deep thinkers of the boys called him on it. He asked him if "He was Neato?(Pointing at another kid). Brent(My Friend) said "Yes".. Then he pointed at another someone else and asked the same question, and received the same response.. This happened a few more times before the little guy announced; "Well if everyone is Neato, then really, No one is Neato".

Ahhhh... Kids can be too smart. LoL...

The story popped in my head today as I was thinking about some Awesome people in my life.. and then I thought of the Word "Awesome".. Which I will admit, I use a lot. The funny thing with words though is they have great power. I think most of us can acknowledge that. But when you use a word a lot.. It loses some of that power, sometimes to the point where it can be meaningless(Think of the words "I love you", the first time someone says them to you.. Your life is altered. You feel a huge rush of emotion. The words have tremendous power... But after 10 years of hearing them every day from the same person, you barely even pay attention to them).
However I stand by it... and other great words that describe people... Fabulous, Amazing, Incredible..Words that say "I see that unique spark in you. That piece of you that sets you apart from everyone else on this planet and it is AWESOME!!!"

Can everyone be "Neato" Or "Awesome"?... Yes, in fact they can be... because we are all so unique and each of us has something amazingly "Us".. that shines.

Some people just wear it.. The Artist, the Musician, the people who seem to light up a room with their personal energy.. Others it's more inside.. Softly glowing.. They seem just average on the outside.. They go to work, or school.. Live their quiet lives.. But leave food out for the neighbourhood cat, or gives a buck to the Homeless guy downtown.. Some people don't even worry so much about "Glowing" for everyone to see.. But would rather help you "Glow" instead. 

The challenge is to take that moment and see it in those around us... Not only see it, but say something about it when we do. People need to hear it, because sadly we can be our own worst critics.. We may be able to see the "Awesome" in everyone around us, but be completely incapable of seeing it in ourselves. In those moments, we rely on those around us to see it for us(whether we realize it or not). 

So Let's do it. Let's see the best in the people around us, so when they see themselves though our eyes, they see it too. Let's not be shy to tell people how amazing they are, because they may desperately need to hear it...

And one last thing... When someone actually takes that moment to tell you how incredible you are, whether it's for something Huge or just small..... Believe Them

Peace Kiddies :o)

Ps... The heart Picture on the top was painted by my awesome Daughter :-D

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  1. How wonderful to read these words,they do have majic in them. Make the heart yearn to hear them more often