Tuesday, November 6, 2012

No time like the Present :-)

Sometimes I get a thought, and I can see clearly how to express it. Either in speaking or in writing. I'm grateful for this.. It's not so much that I think anyone needs to hear/read my thoughts as much as I get a lot out of communicating them.. I understand them and therefore myself better. Other times... It's not so clear. It's more like a jumbled mess that I try to get out one way or another. While it may seem confusing, I am always grateful for my family and friends who humour me by letting me get it all out. This thought, I think falls in the latter category.

What's on my mind tonight is how many of us wait... We wait to tell the important people in our lives how important they really are, and why. We hold it inside because "They Know", or it might be awkward, and of course we have thousands of tomorrows to say something if it happened to come up. 
The fact is though.... That so many people have no idea of their own value or worth in the world,or in someone  else's life. 
People walk around lonely and alone when really if they had the slightest idea it could change everything for them.. and who has that information? WE DO!

I haven't been to a lot of funerals in my life, thankfully, but the ones I have been to all have one thing in common. People saying wonderful things about those who have left. Many of them with thoughts of "if I had only told them".

The saying:"Evil conquers when good people(men) do nothing", applies here. There is a big world out there that sometimes seems intent on making each of us feel bad about ourselves and not seeing our personal worth, and all we have to do for it to win is absolutely nothing.
Or we can try being an island and hold ourselves up with much force and struggle, until we hopefully win, or finally get tired of fighting, But do you know what takes remarkably little effort? What is so easy for us, but has so much power for others? If instead of holding ourselves up.. We boost up someone else. Think about it.. You can stand in front of a mirror for hours, building yourself up, and even walk out your door with your head held high... But that feeling is nothing compared to when someone looks at you and honestly says.."Wow, you're looking Great today." So simple and yet so powerful.

We all have so many amazing people in our lives, and for the most part, we don't know their battles or struggles. However, No matter what they deal with we all have the ability to make it better and help them to stand taller. Simply by being honest. By letting those around us know how much we value them and even why we do so much.. Just pointing out things that may seem simple to us, but they may desperately need to hear.

My challenge this night is not to make things up... But to be more honest with those in our lives, and allow ourselves to simply not hold back. 

We just never know who's life we might change.

Peace Kiddies  


  1. Beautiful words, sometimes action is along with it makes it even greater.

  2. Action makes everything greater... Except of course if you're talking about eating Liver and Peas... Because, Well... They're gross(YEACH!!!!) :-P

  3. Your words always seem to make me feel so much better. ;-)

  4. So true Mike. I have gone through periods where I resolve to give at least one sincere compliment daily to someone outside of my family. (I only specify non-family because I have already mastered compliments with Todd and the boys). When I push myself out of my own comfort zone to attempt that kind of connection with others I am happier without a doubt. Keep up the good work!!