Monday, August 2, 2010

Nature.. Gods way of letting us know that he's still there

I live in a townhouse, in a typical city. I don't see any bears, moose or mountain lions at my place. The other night however, I left my humble home only to see about 15 of my neighbors staring intently into space. When I asked one of them what everyone was looking at she told me "Fireflies". Sure enough, as I stood with the small crowd, I saw the familiar green flicker of many of the little flying light bulbs . It was actually quite cool. I stayed for 5 mins or so, but then was reminded by the growling of my stomach the reason for this particular outing... Hunger, and no food in the house. So I left my enraptured neighbors to their light show and left for some needed groceries.

Nature is one of those things though, that no matter how insanely fast life gets, it always makes us pause to wonder.

I LOVE ducks, and squirrels. Chipmunks and raccoons, although I did hear a horrifying raccoon story the other day from a friend that makes me believe that raccoons are just like people. For every 100 of them, 99 are good and 1 needs to be shot . I digress, I would stop my car on the way to the ER, if I were alone, to watch deer in a field. As it turns out, I am not alone in my fascination for wild life. Being anywhere near it, just makes us calmer and feel better.
We even bring it home with us. Most of us own a dog or cat, and try to keep alive at least 1 house plant, heck I have a tree in my kitchen(No idea what kind it is), that is immortal. No matter how badly I neglect it, it just keeps growing and thriving.

While not everyone goes to the park to feed the geese when they are feeling blue, it always pulls me out of the doldrums.

What is the point of today's Blog? None really, except that it is a beautiful summers evening, there are birds singing and I`m going to go and pick up some peanuts and feed some squirrels. For some silly reason, that makes me really happy.

Or maybe that`s just me.

Peace Kiddies

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