Monday, August 23, 2010

True Love

This one defiantly goes in the "What the heck do I know file", but it popped in my mind and I thought that I would give it a go.
No matter how big, strong, tough or independent we are we have this deep down need to be "where someone loves us... best of all"(Quote from "Where the Wild Things are", by Maurice Sendak). It's easier when we are young and we haven't been through the storm. We still believe in the fairy tale ending, "happily ever after". As we get older though, and get the inevitable battle scars that come with life, we tend to stop believing that Sleeping Beauty is just around the corner waiting for loves first kiss to awaken, or that Prince Charming is on his way to rescue us from the dragon, just in the nick of time.
Amazingly though, even the most jaded of us still hold on the one fairy tale; "The Frog Prince". We believe that if we kiss the Frog, they will turn into a Prince. When they don't, well we kiss them again, maybe differently this time. We spend quality time with them, we bribe them with how good the relationship would be if they would only turn into a freakin' Prince, and of course.. they don't. Or maybe they do for a little while. Heck the Frog does love you and wants to make you happy, but at the end of the day, they are just a Frog. Eventually, in the real world, the Frog gets tired of feeling inadequate all the time and moves on.. Or the Princess realizes that this will never be anything more that a Frog, and they move on... then it's  BAM, one more huge scar on the road of life for both of them.
I freely admit, that I am the last person that should be giving advice on relationships, but that being said, when has that ever stopped ANYONE from saying their piece. Besides sometimes the best person to give you advice on how important it is to not quit your job to become a freelance artist, really is the homeless guy in the street.
My thought is... Maybe it's time to stop looking for Prince's and Princess's, maybe it's time to start looking for Frogs. Everyone has qualities, talents and characteristics that we can respect, admire and even love... That's the easy part. It's easy to love the Deep, Rich chocolate cake with the decadently sweet icing. Anyone can do that(well except me, I don't like chocolate cake, but you get the point hehe). What's harder is to love those dried up pieces of cake and icing crumbs that get scraped in the trash before cleaning the dish.
While that may work for cake it doesn't do a thing for people, because if you love someone with your whole heart... then you don't just love the Prince(ss), but the Frog as well. Hence maybe it's time to appreciate Frogs... Frogs are real, they are not "pretend" like Prince(ss)'s. 

I am not suggesting that we should not have standards, or that we should settle for second best. I am just saying that perhaps  picking  our Prince's and Princess's who's inner frogs make us smile might not be such a bad idea, and if we don't find such a creature.... there are worse things in life than being alone, ask any physically abused or emotionally starved married person.
As for me... I will not settle for a mere Princess. If I give my heart away, it will be to nothing less than a Mona Lisa, and her frog will make me grin from ear to ear....

But maybe that's just me.

Peace Kiddies


  1. wonderful words of wisdom, in such a cool way, never looked at life that way before, will give it a try

  2. Thank you most kind Reader.. {{Big Smile }}

  3. Most excellent words. I love how they... you make me smile. ;-)