Saturday, May 29, 2010

Aug. 30, 2006

Rant time.....
Why is it that when you buy something... The store wants to know your postal/zip code???? What is that about really? I mean... Are they going to deliver the pack of pens and the stack of computer paper that I just bought? Do they want to send me a thank you note for purchasing something at their store? Orrrrrr........ maybe if I live in a bad neighborhood, they don't want my business.... Hard to say..... But buying a pair of jeans shouldn't require an address and phone number...
The phone number one bugs me more than most......Really, unless they are planning on inviting me over for a BBQ(I don't want to come... I'm not that friendly OR that social)... Or hook me up with a ring side seat at Hugh Heffners next bash(OK... That one I will go too LOL)What posible reason do you need my number Mr. Pet food store guy?
The only one I thought was OK, was the local "Petcettera" store.. when the cash girl said "Sir, if you want our monthly newsletter, feel free to leave us an e-mail address".
I think my response to other stores looking for personal info... will be an excerpt from the late great Chris Farley, when he said "My Name is Matt Foley, and I live in a Van down by the river".

Peace Kiddies

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