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August 21, 2006

Monday, August 21, 2006

So here I am back at work.... Day one after my week off, which if I may add was so choice...Spent some time at a cottage and did a lot of kick back and relax..
Now life resumes as normal, how sad..... There are so many people that take so much of their self identity from work... and while I admit I do a fair bit of that myself, I'm pretty sure that on the grand scale of life, I'm pretty suited to retirement.. My life would be just fine, puttering around... reading, kicking back.... and devoting massive amounts of time, figuring out what I'm going to do next.
Really though... There are lots of things I would like to do if the daily grind weren't so daily.. But they will wait... Until I am very, very old LOL...

It's my birthday in a few days.... 43 years old.. They say 40 is the new 30(I have know idea who the hell "They" are).... In my case 43 is just what it is... 43 years old.... Sure fitness buffs age slower... That's not me.....I'm carrying an extra 60 lbs(did I say 60? with a straight face?).... I LIVE on red meat when ever I can.... My idea of a salad is garnish on my burger.. and I put back about a liter of Pepsi a day.. 40 may be 30 to YOU Mr. Jogger.... But to me, heck it may be 48....Don't get me wrong... I like the IDEA of fitness... I own... The Boot camp DVD set by Billy B. Complete with the famous "Billy bands"..... I own "The GI Diet" and have read.. "The Zone".. "Atkins"... and remember that tough Susan Powter "Stop the Insanity" Chick? Yeah I got her stuff too....I tried Jogging... all of 4 times(Thought my lungs were going to burn right out of my cheast).. and did 17 Mins... Of Billy B.'s 60 min . boot camp work out... I don't know, maybe I'm not tough enough... or maybe if I really want to gasp and hurt that much.... I'll just hit myself in my own testicles, with a ball pean hammer.... It'd be quicker... and after I'm done throwing up, I can pour myself a you are no doubt aware by now, i can't spell to save my life....

So why the blog? Not really to talk about me.... Or to whine about life(Life is pretty good, when you think about it)..... More like a place to rant about the day to day things I see... Good and bad.... The quirky guy at the bus stop.... that just started talking to me like we were best of friends... when i was trying to read a book.... Or the really tough looking HUGE guy who looked like he could snap me in half if I looked at him wrong, who suddenly became putty when his toddler daughter called him.... I don't know, sometimes the day to day, just needs to be heard.... and this is where it will have it's say....

And who knows.... maybe I'll try running again.. :-)

Peace Kiddies

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